Chris Mango

Chris joined our team in April of 2018 and is our newest technician. He has plenty of great skills and experience though and has been working on cars since 2004. He graduated from Vermont Technical College from Automotive Technology in 2008. He became a certified Subaru Senior Master Technician, and an ASE certified master technician. He excels in Subaru diagnostics and repairs but has also worked for Honda and Saab. Chris has been a wonderful addition to our crew. He does great work and is a pleasure to have around. 
When he's not at work he's out hiking, biking or snowboarding. He and wife Haley welcomed a baby girl in February.  They also have two dogs. He enjoys spending as much time with his family as possible. 

  What was your childhood nickname?

        My childhood nickname was "Speedy"

  ​What was the first car you owned? 

       The first car I owned was a 92 Volkswagen Jetta.  

  What hobby would you get into if time or money wasn't an issue?

       I would become a ski bum. 

  What kind of pets did you have growing up?

       I had a cat named Spider, and a dog named Jenny. 

  Who's your go to band/artist when you don't know what to listen to?

       My go to artist is Neil Young. 


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