Kayla Ashley 

Kayla graduated from Center for Technology, Essex Automotive program in 2015. She has been on and off with the automotive industry but has found a home at NEA. Kayla started in February of 2018. She is our newest service advisor and not only enjoys it but has a knack for it. She has a great personality and fits in very will with the rest of the family. She continues to hone her skills and looks forward to meeting all of our customers.  
When she's not at work she loves spending time outside with her friends and family. She also enjoys spending time with her cats, and dog sitting when she can.  

  What was your childhood nickname?

        My childhood nickname was "Girl".  

  ​What was the first car you owned? 

       The first car I owned was a 97 Chrysler Sebring, I called it "Iron Man" 

  What hobby would you get into if time or money wasn't an issue?

       I would start a rescue for all the homeless animals. 

  What kind of pets did you have growing up?

       I had a dachshund named Rusty, and a few cats. 

  Who's your go to band/artist when you don't know what to listen to?

       My go to artist is Chris Stapleton 


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