Reid Paul

Reid joined the NEA family in May of 2017. He came into the office looking for a place to do his college internship. After working for us all summer he made such an impression we decided to hire him full time After he graduated. He has shown great aptitude and is learning and improving everyday. Reid graduated from Vermont Technical College with an automotive degree in May 2018. 
He enjoys working on older project cars, as well as any Subaru. Reid enjoys golfing, playing guitar, a round of golf, watching golf, an Arnold Palmer and did we mention golf? . He also goes on an occasional bike ride (to the golf course).

  What was your childhood nickname?

      I didn't have a childhood nickname, but everyone now calls me "Sweet Baby Reid, aka Sauce Boss"

  ​What was the first car you owned? 

       The first car I owned was a 96 Volkswagen Jetta, I called it " The Red Rocket".  

  What hobby would you get into if time or money wasn't an issue?

       I would go golfing all the time. 

  What kind of pets did you have growing up?

       I had a dog named Little Bear. 

  Who's your go to band/artist when you don't know what to listen to?

       My go to artist is Alan Jackson.  


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