Rust-Protection Undercoating


You can now love your car rust-free with our newly offered rust-protection undercoating service. Vermont becomes salt territory as the snow begins to fall each year. This makes for a heavy coat of salt covering your vehicle as you drive leading to rust and rot in a matter of a couple of years. In Vermont, it's often seen that vehicles are no longer considered safe or legal for road use when they aren't yet 10 years old due to the rust and rot caused by salt from the roads. This doesn't have to happen to your car! With our Fluid Film undercoating service guaranteed to provide between 8 and 12 months of rust protection, a once per year application means that your car has a fighting chance against the rusting and rotting! 


*   $150 for Cars and Small SUV (Rav 4, CR-V)

(1 hour-long appointment needed)

*   $175 for SUVs and Trucks (half ton or less)

(1.5 hour-long appointment needed)

*   $200 for Trucks (more than half ton) 

(2 hour-long appointment needed)


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